What in the world is “FIBAT”?

FIBAT is the french acronym for Faculte (Seminary), Internationale (Int’l.), BAptiste (Baptist), de Theologie (Theology). In other words, it is a Baptist, theological seminary that hopes to attract students and teachers from outside the country. What country you ask? C.A.R. stands for the Central African Republic. This is a country almost the size of Texas, in the center of the African continent! It is surrounded by six other countries. [Clockwise, starting to the north is Chad, Sudan, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Belgian Congo and Cameroon.] French is the official business language and Sango is the common language across the country, but there are many tribal dialects as well.
Please join us for the ride! Don’t you want to see what God is going to do farther down the road?



This blog is not about me. It is about FIBAT, which is the Baptist Seminary my husband and I are working to establish. Classes began October 2011 and the very first graduation is planned for July 2015.
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