Catching up with events in CAR

It has been quite a year with President Bozize being chased out of town, Seleka forces taking over, Sangaris forces moving in to stop the violence, Anti-Balaka militia rising up to ‘protect’ civilians, Africa Union soldiers stepping in to help the French troops, … and on and on it goes. In many ways, the country is in a shambles with no operating government. (Like in the book of Judges where ‘everyone did what was right in their own eyes’.) Some people are still hiding in fear. Others have fled to Cameroon, Chad or Dem. Rep. of Congo. The weapons have multiplied,  murders and reprisals continue, and no one knows when it will end.

But God…..He knows all about it and sometimes chooses to show His power when the situation is very bleak.

Yes, this upheaval has caused some change of plans for FIBAT. The ground-breaking ceremony was scheduled for Dec. 7, 2013 at the property outside of town. Authorities had been invited, grass and weeds had been cut, the cornerstone monument was built and put in place, but the celebration never took place because the violence grew fierce just a few days before. This time armed Muslims were targeting Christians. Pastor Raymond DOUI, a third year FIBAT student was shot and killed in his home. A modern day martyr that we had the privilege of knowing personally.

Classes have been cancelled at times, but the school year is now scheduled to conclude early August, 2014.



This blog is not about me. It is about FIBAT, which is the Baptist Seminary my husband and I are working to establish. Classes began October 2011 and the very first graduation is planned for July 2015.
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