In September 2008, a Strategic Planning session was held in Bangui by leaders of the CEBI church association.  As a result, they set a goal of creating a Baptist Seminary for training pastors and christian workers.  Four men were chosen to begin researching the possibilities. They started with the basics: who, what, when, where, why and how?

By June 2010, Dannenbergs had moved to CAR to work more closely with local leaders and to research the pool of potential students, costs, curriculum, documents, personnel options, etc.  A trial month of classes was offered in October with 10 students responding. Statutes were being created, as well as consideration of a potential campus property.

It was in January 2011 that a 10-hectare plot of land was chosen and eventually purchased for a future campus about seven miles outside of Bangui.

On September 5, 2011 the initial founding committee voted FIBAT into existence with approved officers, statutes and internal guidelines.  The teaching staff was chosen. Ten students were tested and approved. Classes began October 2011. A temporary location was chosen at the Baptist Mid-Missions property for its first academic year.

Within a year, the land was completely paid for with gifts from churches and individuals in CAR and the USA.  By December 2011 it was measured, marked and legally registered.

And the rest is history…


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